About us

At Lehky Consulting, we have a wonderful mixture of people who all boast plenty of experience in life, have their feet planted firmly on the ground, enjoyed successful business or management careers before going self-employed, understand companies inside out and have also been leaders of their own teams. We have assembled a team of highly skilled, pragmatic people who possess wide-ranging expertise and can contribute purposefully to their customers’ needs.

Our clients are leading managers from all kinds of industries, hierarchy levels and company sizes. Head physicians, chief editors, board members, CEOs, senior managers of all kinds of departments, mayors, production managers, master craftsmen, team leaders and senior nursing officers. Anyone who is familiar with leadership issues will find the right partner with us.

Everyone is represented – from publicly listed companies to small start-ups.

The industries are just as diverse:

  • Banks, state banks, savings banks and insurance companies
  • Service companies in all kinds of sectors
  • Trading groups
  • IT developers and providers, as well as telecommunications companies
  • Hospitals
  • Media companies and publishers
  • Manufacturing industry (incl. automotive, food, metal, pharmaceuticals, plant engineering, printing and others)
  • Auditors and management consultancy firms
  • Foundations

Our values

Discrete and trustworthy:

We do not advertise with our customers’ names and we cannot be found in a business capacity in social networks where there may be contacts to clients. People can therefore rest assured that their company, name and topic will enjoy the utmost confidentiality and not resurface anywhere else. Discretion is at the heart of every stage of our work: from the filing system, the tidied-up office, the clean whiteboards, to not making public phone calls with or about our clients. At Lehky Consulting, you will not find any evidence or traces of previous visitors or the reasons for their call. Unfortunately, that cannot always be taken for granted today.

Providing added value and customer orientation:

We realise every single day that it’s our customers who secure our livelihood. That sets us apart from many larger firms where this is quickly forgotten. Everyone in our team knows this every month, and shares the entrepreneurial risk and spirit. For this reason, we endeavour to relieve our customers of their workload and do not add to it: reliable, “low-maintenance”, effective until the end of a project, flexible and lightning fast when reacting to customers’ wishes or enquiries. The fact that we have all sat on the other side of the desk at one time and purchased services enables us to put ourselves in the customer’s position – and this is always reflected back to us.

Pragmatic and focused on results

We resist the temptation to show how clever we are. The tools, models and strategies that we transfer or offer are limited to what really makes sense and is useful. With all the instruments at our disposal, we ask ourselves how they could help us as leaders and we only put what’s truly useful into our toolbox.

As we are also highly experienced in matters of leadership, we understand very well the difference between theory and practice. We get straight to the point, focus on the aims and have mastered the tricky art of leaving certain things out.

Informed and well-educated

All the members of the Lehky Consulting team have a university degree and extensive experience as leaders or managers. We are well trained for performing our jobs and attach great value to individual further training. This allows us to offer our clients state-of-the-art content and approaches at all times. That is what you can expect from us.

What drives us?

Working with people, sharing and exchanging knowledge and experience, accompanying people part of the way. We are passionate about supporting leaders, understanding people better and helping them to continue their path successfully.