To proceed in your career it makes sense to pause sometimes

Effective leadership is one of the most challenging tasks in a company. Whether or not decisions generate positive results, depends on transformation, and often only becomes clear well after a decision has been made.

Effective leadership not only takes guts and self-confidence, but also requires a high level of creativity and empathy, greatly stimulating motivational behaviour in all those concerned.

So, facing new challenges is always a question of developing strategies that lead you to your target. Which is the right way? Which steps are important and in which order should I take them? Which pitfalls are typical? And which mistakes are avoidable? What alternatives might there be? And, last but not least, how do I behave and where do I position myself within this process, and how do I achieve my personal and optimal presence with a maximum of power of persuasion?

Our strategic business coaching offers you a sparring partner for honest and open reflection. In this atmosphere, you can have a clear look at the core topics of successful leadership.

A series of 3 to 5 sessions will help you to make great progress with most topics. For some clients, we also act as long-term companions because the higher your career goes, the lonelier you get and honest feedback becomes the exception.

Here are some typical coaching topics:

  • The first 100 days – from the preparation for a new position to the first impressions and successes
  • Leading through difficult times – from strategies for change projects to critical discussions and restructuring processes
  • Self-positioning – from self-marketing to a change of boss and on to team constellations
  • Leading and living – managing yourself and your time, getting the right work-life balance and challenges in your private life
  • Individual career strategies – from the application to salary negotiations to the contract termination agreement